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4 Ways HR Professionals Can Use Social Media


We live in a fast-paced and technologically advanced world where social media has gained immense popularity over time. So much so, that it has now become a primary tool for communication. It has offered businesses a platform via which they can connect and grow their relationships with leads, potential candidates, employees, partners, and customers. In most businesses, the HR, sales, and marketing departments use social media for different purposes. The marketers use social media to promote content and generate leads, the sales team uses social media to interact with those leads and increase sales, whereas, the human resource department essentially uses this tool to post a job opening and set an image of the organization that will encourage job seekers to apply for job openings.

There are multiple ways the HR department can take advantage of social media including engaging with employees and enhancing the corporate image. And given that the millennials and Generation Z employees are now entering the corporate world, it is time to get accustomed to these platforms as most of such employees spend a lot of time on social media. Before we get into the ways the HR department can use social media, the business must have a reliable internet connection in place in order to properly use social media for their advantage. Hughesnet offers multiple Hughesnet plans that you can subscribe to after taking into account your internet needs ifvod.

Now that we have that covered, let’s dive into the list of ways the HR departments of businesses can use social media.

 Enhance Recruitment Efforts

Many businesses are now using social media recruiting to reach new and capable candidates, make quality placements, and decrease the time to hire. Businesses need to adopt the right social recruitment strategies in order to recruit the next best employee.

After maintaining a social media business account, you need to establish a following, so that once you advertise a job opening, more and more people will apply for that said job. You can also ask the employees working in your HR department to post the open positions on their social media channels.

 Enhance Employer Branding

A surefire way to improve employer branding is by highlighting your company’s culture on social media platforms. If you give much importance to team-building exercises or are all for inclusion and diversity, highlight this in the content you create as well as your job openings. This will help your potential employees get an understanding of what your company stands for and what it is like working for you.

 Improve Training Programs

In order to make employee learning more fun and to increase participation in them, employee training and development programs are now being tightly integrated with social media. It is often hard to understand what the employees expect from training programs. But through the help of social media surveys and polls, the HR department can gather insights on how the employees expect the training programs to go about.

Collaborative learning programs can also be supported by social media. It will allow two or more employees to research, brainstorm, share knowledge, and enhance their skills together.

Enhance Employee Recognition

As remote work has now become the new normal in the corporate landscape, businesses are using social media to up their employee recognition game. Did your team beat their sales target? Did they develop a breakthrough product? Did they get a project done? Regardless of the achievement, recognize the efforts an employee has put into achieving a business goal publicly on social media. Not only will this improve employee satisfaction, morale, and engagement, but it will also help with employee retention.

Wrapping Up

As per research, more than 80% of people belonging to each generation use social media daily. 79% of people belonging to the Gen Z generation and 77% of millennials use social media multiple times a day. Given these stats, the HR department must integrate social media into their best practices in order to attract fresh and capable talent as well as increase engagement among the current employees of the organization. 

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