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How Hustler Marketing Helps Ecommerce Companies 2x Their Revenue


The days of “Build it and they’ll come” are long gone. Ecommerce companies rely heavily on marketing to get the word out about their products. There are various options available to do that and it’s usually a combination of most of them that forms a company’s marketing stack.

Most companies rely on paid ads to create awareness amongst new audiences while retention marketing focuses on increasing revenue from existing customers. A company may choose to do its own marketing inhouse or hire a specialist agency to get the most specialized marketing services.

Hustler Marketing is one such email marketing agency operating in the marketing niche for over 5 years. Created by Bostjan Belingar, a Slovenian-original 30 something digital nomad, the agency leverages email marketing to expand the LTV or Life Time Value of existing customers.

Hundreds of ecommerce companies and consumer startups have gained from partnering with Hustler Marketing to run their retention marketing arm for them. Since the company operates on a “DFY” or Done For You model, it means the agency takes care of the entire email marketing piece right from setting up the email marketing platform, helping build an email list, coming up with a strategy for retention marketing, planning the content calendar, and designing, building and sending out the emails. They then run elaborate schedules to design different kinds of campaigns, create segments and plan email sends according to those. Clients often speak of how amazing the emails they create look.

Some of the most famous ecommerce brands who are working with Hustler Marketing include the famous Blend jet, health supplement brand Sun Warrior, and many small and medium D2C brands that sell primarily in the US. Hustler Marketing’s track record with their clients is impeccable with some of them reporting a revenue gain of upto 2x since partnering with Hustler Marketing. According to case studies on the site, an apparel brand increased their revenue by 1.5x within 3 months of Hustler Marketing coming onboard.

The agency employs a host of digital marketing specialists like strategists, copywriters, designers, technical experts and more to harness the power of email and SMS marketing amongst other marketing tools. Hustler Marketing has an employee strength of over 70 people who come from all over the world, across ages and backgrounds thus adding a depth of experience and diversity to their marketing process. Belingar himself is an ex-copywriter and marketer who usually leans into the clients’ marketing strategy and shares his insights.

One of the biggest advantages of working with Hustler Marketing is their ability to create great emails that not only look good but also perform above average. “Hustler Marketing is able to design world-class emails that exceed our high standards when it comes to the look and feel. For the price we pay, there’s no other email marketing agency around that can deliver these results. They truly care about our business & are always on top of their game!” says the founder of Bamboo Ave, a novel clothing brand.

For any upcoming or established ecommerce store, looking to increase their sales and revenue without spending too much on ads, investing in a good retention marketing can make all the difference and as such Hustler Marketing can be a good partner to achieve success together.

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