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How London Governess Can Entertain Children This Winter


Winter is soon here, so you’re probably spending time indoors with your loved ones and kids! Nevertheless, enjoying the great outdoors is still possible even when is the dead of winter. Running around and getting some fresh air can be just as beneficial in the winter as they are in other seasons. After spending so much time indoors, cabin fever may finally be reaching a breaking point, and this could be the perfect cure.

Any time of year is a great time to live in London. We think that with the Christmas lights in the winter, it’s a bit more wonderful. There’s a possibility of snow and the city is magnificently decked. London offers a plethora of indoor and outdoor wintertime activities for families.

Wintertime in London can be cold, but it doesn’t make it any less exciting. Here are some guidelines about what to anticipate this winter when you visit. The temperature usually ranges from 5°C to 9°C, and the weather is usually pleasant with sporadic snowfall. January is often the coldest month, with lows as low as 1°C. All you need is the appropriate attire! If you plan to see London in the winter, don’t forget to wear a warm jacket, an umbrella in case of rain, and gloves.

What Is a Must-See for The London Governess If They Want To Entertain Children in December 

December is a great time to visit London and take in the festive atmosphere and vibe of the city. There are many enjoyable festive and cultural events available in the city. Here are some of the most well-liked activities in the city to enjoy this enchanted month.

You have: 

  • Holiday markets

Do you want to get into the holiday spirit? We advise going to a winter market. They include everything you could want for the holiday season: fairground rides, mulled wine, mince pies, decorations, and arts & crafts. Maybe you’ll find that perfect last-minute present there.

  • Holiday Lightning 

The lovely Christmas lights change London, making the city glitter and light up during the colder months. This Christmas, everyone’s list must include discovering the festive street lights. Is there a more delightful way to embrace the spirit of Christmas?

  • Kew Christmas

This Christmas, Kew Gardens comes alive after dark once more. During the winter months of November 15, 2023, to January 7, 2024, the entire family will enjoy the enchanted winter route that winds through the park, allowing them to rediscover the botanical garden. It is recommended to get tickets in early as they are expected to sell out. Tickets start at £19.50 when purchased online.

  • Shopping and Royal Albert Hall Carols

Explore the main streets, look for unusual presents, and schedule a break for scrumptious meals and hot beverages. Oxford Street, Hamleys, and Covent Garden are essential for a fruitful Christmas shopping trip in London. Additionally, you can browse for gifts on Regent’s Street and take in Harrods’ stunning interior design.

Try Taking A Walk In The Woods and Absorb Nature

The vivid colors of the woods capture our attention in the fall but don’t overlook the stunning treks through the forests in the winter. Our forests often have a different aspect when there isn’t as much vegetation around, giving you peeks of views you wouldn’t regularly receive. What also you can include as a London Governess is a great opportunity to talk about the changing of the seasons, scramble over fallen logs, and find some bright red berries.

This time of year, our feathery friends might also need a helping hand, and luckily, there’s a fantastic winter activity for youngsters that falls in line with this. Make easy bird feeders with cardboard toilet rolls, peanut butter, and birdseed. Follow these directions. Put them up in the garden so that you can see them out of the window, and start observing! 

Orienteering and Riding A Bike Is Also One Of The Greatest Ways To Entertain Children As A London Governess

Don’t let the cold prevent you from going on family bike rides. We recommend using the abandoned railroad tracks that have been turned into trails. These are less exposed since they frequently pass through cuts and are encircled by trees. In addition, they frequently provide solid surfaces for young bikers. 

Make sure the kids are wearing gloves because hands-on handlebars can get chilly very quickly. Don’t forget to slip a hat underneath and adjust their helmets. Make sure the tiniest passengers in a trailer are properly warm and comfortable by providing blankets and a hot water bottle. Recall that since they aren’t pedaling, they might get colder sooner.

Orienteering is an excellent technique to teach kids the fundamentals of reading maps. Simpler trails are widely available, and children will enjoy using a compass to navigate between several control points. Perhaps you’ll find a new family pastime.

Choose A Good Book and Cover Up With Blankets or Bring Out Arts And Krafts

There’s nothing better than curling up inside when it’s too chilly outside. With your kids, construct the finest fort possible using an abundance of blankets, cushions, and other materials. Make sure to stock it with everyone’s preferred books and plush toys. To add even more enchantment to your winter fort, consider adding lanterns or twinkle lights. After that, gather your books and have a pleasant and restful afternoon.

If you’re confined inside, there are tons of entertaining crafts you can make. Get creative and grab your glitter. There are several crafts you could make, like felt penguins, ice skating bookmarks, decorated slippers, and beaded snowflakes. Bring your artistic abilities to the table and spend the day creating a memento that will appeal to all.

Just A Little Bit Of Culture And Magic

In the wizarding world, winter has also arrived, and Hogwarts has undergone an amazing holiday makeover. Warner Bros. Studio will host Hogwarts in the Snow from November 11, 2023, until January 14, 2024. This time of year visits to the Warner Brothers Studio are even more special for those of you Harry Potter enthusiasts.

The Charles Dickens Museum is situated in the Bloomsbury neighborhood of central London. Founded in 1925, it is housed in the famed writer’s Georgian-era home during a pivotal time in his career.

All in all, no matter whether you choose to stay inside or go outside to breathe some fresh air, you will not make a mistake as there are tons of things you can do with your little ones. Enjoy your Holidays!

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