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Melting Wax for Candle Making: Exploring the Various Methods


Candle-making is an ancient craft that allows individuals to express creativity while creating beautiful, functional items. Melting wax is the key to this ancient craft. There are different ways to melt wax, and anyone can do it, from seasoned candle makers to beginners using candle making kit. In this article, we will look at a variety of ways to melt candle wax, ranging in style from the traditional to the modern.

Double Boiler System

Double-boiling wax is a method that has been used for centuries. It provides a gentle, even heat to prevent wax from burning or overheating. It works like this:

  1. Setup The Equipment: Fill a big pot with hot water and place the pot on the burner. Create a double-boiler by placing a smaller pot with the wax inside a larger pot.
  2. Heat water: Bring the water to a gentle simmer over medium-low heat. The steam produced by the water slowly melts the wax in your inner pot.
  3. Monitor the Heat: Use a temperature gauge to monitor the wax’s temperature. It should not be higher than the recommended melting points for the specific wax.
  4. Stir Periodically: Stir the wax occasionally with a heat-resistant tool to encourage even melting and reduce the formation of bubbles.
  5. Take Inner Pot Off Heat: Once the wax in the inner pan has completely melted, remove it from heat.

Microwave Technique

The microwave is an easy and effective solution for people who want to melt their wax quickly and conveniently. Here’s the best way to melt a wax bar using a Microwave:

  1. Preparing the Wax: Place the wax in a microwaveable container. Cut the wax into small pieces or pellets to ensure an even melting.
  2. Interval Microwave: Heat wax in a microwave at medium power in short intervals. Check the wax every 30 seconds and stir it using a heatproof implement to ensure even melting.
  3. Monitor your Temperature: Do not overheat a wax product. This can cause it to smoke or to catch fire. Use a thermostat to monitor the temperature. Stop heating when the wax reaches the desired melt point.
  4. Stir Thoroughly: Once the wax melts, stir it thoroughly for a smooth and uniform consistency. Remove any unmelted pieces or impurities before pouring.

Electric Wax Melter

Electric wax melted, also referred to as wax melting pans or melters of wax, is an easy and convenient method for melting wax. These devices are equipped with a heated element that can be removed and a tray or pot to melt the wax. The following is how to use a wax-melting electric device:

  1. Pour the Melter: Place the desired wax amount in the melting tray or pot of the electric melter. Ascertain that the wax has been distributed evenly and does not spill over.
  2. On the Melter: Plug in your electric wax melter and turn it ON. Most wax melters have temperature controls, so you can control the melting.
  3. Monitor the melting: Allow the wax to melt slowly and monitor its progress regularly. Stir the wax from time to time with a heated utensil. This will promote even melting and help prevent scorching.
  4. Pour the Wax: After the wax has completely melted to the desired temperature, using a spoon or pouring pitcher, carefully pour into candle molds.


There are several ways to melt the wax for candle-making. You may prefer the double boiler, microwave, or electric melter. Each method has its own advantages, so you can select the one best suited to your needs and equipment. Whether you’re using a kit to make candles or are an experienced artist, mastering the art is essential for creating endless candle possibilities.

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