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For human survival, water is crucial. But did you know that there is also a difference in how we handle and use water? You would understand what we mean if you had water from a clay pot as opposed to a plastic bottle. While you may keep water in glass, steel or plastic bottles, the advantages of clay water pots make them a healthier alternative. More than merely an earthy flavour and richness are added by it to water. Anyone knows how? Continue reading to learn more so you can decide for yourself about

The 5 Incredible Health Benefits of Clay Water Pots

Water That Is Cooling

We can all still clearly recall the good old days when we would sip water from the Matkas. The ideal method, according to scientists, is to store water in a clay water pot. In addition to lowering the water’s temperature, clay pots also offer healing due to the earth’s natural ingredients. The coolness in the water is most strongly transferred by clay pots depending on the weather. A clay pot is the only object with this property; no other container possesses it.


Clay is permeable. Similar to this, a clay pot has pores. Evaporation occurs when you keep water in a clay container. As water molecules absorb energy in the form of heat, transform into gas, and mix with air during this process, cooling results. A clay pot contains microscopic holes that allow water to escape, absorb energy to form gas, and evaporate, which cools the environment. In stark contrast to the metal or enamel-lined dinnerware that we use today, the pot allows heat and moisture to travel throughout it. Some pots are created with a unique kind of clay called “micaceous clay,” which has mica flecks throughout. A natural insulator, mica.


The alkaline composition of clay is another advantage of clay water pots. The right pH balance is produced by the interaction between the alkaline clay and the acidity of the water. This water helps relieve gastrointestinal discomfort by reducing acidity. One of the few advantages of drinking water from an earthen pot that has been thoroughly researched is the usefulness of clay in this regard. When cooking acidic foods like meat or milk in earthenware, the clay helps to balance the food’s excessive acidity.

Enhances Virility and Metabolism

The proper amount of water should be consumed each day to help us increase metabolism. We frequently keep water in plastic containers without recognising that plastic contains dangerous chemicals like BPA (Bisphenol A) that attach to the molecules of water and represent a health risk. Alternately, using water from a clay pot can aid in metabolic improvement without the addition of harmful chemicals like BPA. Consuming water from a clay container rather than a plastic one, which lowers the level of testosterone in our bodies, can also help sustain that level. Clay water enhances virility and metabolism while tasting natural and refreshingly cold.

Pleasant to the Throat

Recall the summertime when we would play football or hopscotch at the park before returning home. When given the choice between the fridge and the Matka, Mum or Grandma would always choose the latter. Although we were never sure why, one possibility was to prevent sunstroke. Moreover, the quick temperature shift might have made us sick, which is another possible explanation.

We didn’t know, however, that water kept in a clay pot is easy on the throat. It is the perfect beverage for those who have a cough or cold.These are a few advantages of using clay pots to store water. The only thing to keep in mind is to clean these pots every three days and to frequently change the water. The two varieties of clay pots available are the “surahi,” or narrow-neck jug-shaped water pot, and the “matka,” or traditional water pot.

You gain several advantages from drinking water that comes from a clay water pot. The water kept in the clay pot doesn’t get too chilly and stays consistently cool. Naturally acting as an insulator is the clay pot. Also, the pH balance of the water in the clay pot helps to control acidity and gastrointestinal discomfort. Drinking water from a clay pot also enhances virility and digestion. Also, this water is easy on the throat. Regularly clean the clay pot for optimal results.

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