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4 Ways to Utilize UV Disinfection in the Workplace


UV disinfecting light eliminates viruses and bacteria. How does UV light disinfecting work? You have to know the basics of UV lights to understand how UV lights disinfect the air and hard surfaces. This will illustrate the benefits of using UV light to disinfect a variety of surfaces in the workplace. 

Understanding UV Light

All light can be measured in wavelengths on the electromagnetic spectrum. Some of the light measured is visible to human eyes. Other lights are not visible. UV light is one form of invisible radiation. 

There are three different types of UV soap2day radiation. The two most commonly known forms of UV light that come from the sun are UV-A and UV-B. There is a third type of UV radiation, called UV-C radiation.

UV-C radiation has properties that can remove germs. Almost all of the UV light emitted by the sun never reaches the earth. It is absorbed in the atmosphere and blocked by the Earth’s ozone. 

How UV Light Disinfects Surfaces

Germicidal UV-C light eliminates germs and bacteria on surfaces and in the air. The light damages the DNA in the cells of the organisms it comes in contact with. UV-C light can remove up to 99.9% of microorganisms that cause diseases. 

Special UV lights and wands can utilize UV-C light to sanitize and disinfect hard surfaces and the air.  

Where to Use UV Disinfecting Light

Medical facilities, school campuses, office buildings, and many other places can benefit from the use of UV light for disinfection and sanitization. Here are 4 ways to utilize UV disinfection in the workplace: 

1. Handheld UV Disinfecting Lights

Handheld UV disinfecting lights are popular for sanitizing small areas or devices. With a handheld device, you can quickly and easily sanitize your workstation, tools, technology, doorknobs, light switches, and more. These units can disinfect surfaces that have hard-to-reach crevices like keyboards, faucets, and control panels. 

If you want to use handheld disinfecting lights in your workplace, make sure to check the product’s qualifications. There are cheap products on the market geared toward individuals that simply won’t hold up in a high-use application. 

Since you have to hold the unit to disinfect, follow the safety guidelines provided with the device. Some handheld lights will come with approved safety equipment. You should never look directly at a UV-C light.

2. UV Mobile Units

Mobile units that provide UV-C sanitizing offer the most flexibility of any of the disinfecting lights on this list. They are easy to move and easy to use. Mobile UV disinfection units are great for hotels, hospitals, and shared office spaces. These units have different strength levels. You can easily disinfect an entire room or target a specific area with a mobile unit Ytml3

To use a mobile unit, adjust the lamp height and lock the wheels. Like with all UV-C lights, no one should be in the room when the unit is in use. You can program the unit so that it only runs when the area is unoccupied. 

3. Fixed UV Systems

High traffic areas can benefit from a permanently placed UV-C fixture. The fixture is installed at a high point on a wall or fixed to the ceiling. They’re not intrusive or disruptive.

Fixed UV-C systems should only be used in unoccupied rooms. They can be set up to run on a timer at times when the building is closed or at a time when the room is not in use. 

There are a variety of sizes of fixed UV lights. Smaller spaces benefit from micro-units, while larger rooms might need a whole room system. 

Stores, government buildings, schools, and health care facilities could all benefit from the use of fixed UV-C systems. Companies can install multiple units for buildings with many rooms and large spaces. 

4. UV for HVAC Systems

A UV light system can be installed into HVAC units to treat the air moving through vents before entering a room or common area. Installing a UV light system in an HVAC unit verifies that the people in the building are not exposed to the UV light when the system is in operation.  

There are two types of HVAC UV systems. The first is an on-coil fixture and the second is an in-duct fixture. UV lights installed in HVAC systems only sanitize and disinfect the air.

Disinfection of hard surfaces inside the building will not occur with this type of UV light unit. You will need additional disinfection and sanitization measures for the interior of the building. 

Benefits of Using UV Light to Disinfect

Portable and fixed UV disinfecting light systems can be used to disinfect a variety of hard surfaces and the air. You can stop the spread of germs and bacteria by sanitizing frequently used rooms and areas. It is possible to protect both employees and clients that could come in contact with pathogens and microorganisms by eliminating up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.  

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