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Are Cardboard Postal Tubes Durable?


Paper tube manufacturers create poster tubes from cardboard for sustainable packaging. It is a reliable and standard material. Other types of packaging like plastic can be tempting, but they pose a considerable threat to the environment. Cardboard postal tubes are sustainable, but are they durable?

Quality Material

Many people believe that cardboard is a weak material that becomes frail in the rain. This material is quite durable, contrary to popular belief. It has been used in construction material, along with postal tubes. Manufacturers produce cardboard entirely from recycled fibers, which are far sturdier than industrial norms. Postal tubes are of high-grade material, and their sturdiness verifies that customers receive their packages undamaged.

The material is strong enough to resist maximum temperatures while maintaining its shape. They are known to carry items for an extended period and protect them from water damage and other conditions. The material has the right blend of strength, weight, and longevity to keep shipping expenses down


For some organizations, high amounts of packing waste can bring losses. The best option is to package with recyclable cardboard postal tubes to avoid waste. The strong material makes them suitable for multiple uses without damage. This reusable quality can help your company grow its sustainable reputation Ibomma.


Treated cardboard tubes are durable and fireproof. They can absorb the heat from the flames. In case of a fire accident during shipping, the customer can be sure to get their goods in one piece.

How Do Paper Tube Manufacturers Reinforce Cardboard Tubes?

Most postal tube manufacturers have come up with ways to improve the durability of cardboard tubes to keep items safe from damage. These methods are:

Reinforcing the Gaps

Reinforcing postal tubes by gluing gaps and spaces increases their integrity. Manufacturers support using glue on the bottom to make them sturdy enough for heavier items. This reinforcement verifies that there is no structural weakness.

Adding Extra Layers

Double packaging tubes increase the strength and carrying power of a single-tube model. Manufacturers can reinforce reused packaging with new ones, confirming they have reliable and solid packaging. 

Using Strong Wraps

Another method of improving the strength of cardboard tubes is wrapping the exterior with something substantial. Watered-down glue does the trick. A better option is using proxy resin which strengthens surfaces.

Coating the cardboard tube with resin develops a hard shell, protecting it from potential damage. Lining cardboard with fiberglass on the inside also works. It is a solid, lightweight material perfect for strengthening postal packaging.

How Are Cardboard Tubes Made?

Most cardboard tubes have a spiral wound design, made stronger by adhesives. In the first stage of making cardboard tubes, the machine trims the cardboard sheets into narrow ribbons. It then coats the sheets with adhesive and wrap around a custom-sized mandrel diagonally. 

Next, the machine wraps multiple layers on the mandrel depending on the strength requirements of the complete tube. In more heavy applications that require high strength, they use special adhesives and water seals. The machine cures wood pulp and resin mix and gives it additional oven curing. This process verifies that the final product is highly durable and can hold its shape better. 

Companies make shipping and mailing tubes stronger than boxes to make them ideal for shipping products that they can’t fold. Thick cardboard tubes are for the storage of breakable items. They have sufficient strength to protect against bumping and breakage during transport. In most cases, they seal both ends, one of which is removable. 

Identifying the Right Packaging

Cardboard postal tubes are a great option if you’re looking for sustainable and durable packaging. They can protect fragile materials and be reused to help save money for your business or personal needs. Postal tubes offer you a high-quality mailing resource to alleviate your concerns while helping your brand improve its brand image. 

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